Tuesday, December 6, 2011

State of the Collection - December 2011


Complete bikes:

1989-90 Yeti C-26
1991 Yeti Ultimate
1993 Slingshot
1993 Trek 7000
1993-94 3D Racing Rover
1994 Ted Wotjik Softrac
1994 Kona Lava Dome
1994-95 Yeti ARC


1993 Klein Attitude
1990? Aegis Aro Svelte
1994 3D Racing Rover Ex-Team Frame
1992? Supergo Access XTR
1998 Fat Chance Yo Eddy Restomod


2005 3D Racing Crossfire
2005 3D Racing Rover XC [w]
2009 Yeti ASR
2009 Yeti ASR [w]
2009 3D Racing Road-E [w]
2011 Orbea Orca GDR

1993-94 3D Racing Rover

in 1992 Chris Herting left Yeti Cycles in Durango to form 3D Racing. He continues to operate 3D to this day. I came across this frame in Durango and couldn't pass up a vintage 3D in my size. I struggled with build options for awhile, and ultimately I let the 1993 catalog pick it for me. You can see many Yeti ARC-like details with riveted cable guides and Easton varilite tubing. Very cool early nineties race machine.



Right when I was finishing up this bike, another Rover popped up locally on Craigslist. It was a former race frame from someone else I knew in Durango. Too big for me unfortunately, but its cool to have pairs!