Monday, May 6, 2013

Ned in the Early Nineties

The man lines up for the 91 Norba at Big Bear  photo ned_91_bigbear_zps470c60b9.jpg

World Champ climbing during the race. but wait, he took off his watch? Early Rock Shox Mag. Short Zoom Bar Ends

 photo ned_91_bigbear2_zpsf5657e97.jpg

Same race.

 photo ned_91race_zpsf5db81d0.jpg

Another NORBA. Same race at Big Bear?


 photo DSCF1050_zps02f1f49f.jpg

 photo ned91_zps81abe30a.jpg

Another Norba. White helmet. Mag21.

 photo ned_91_unk_zps32489f55.jpg

On to the World Cups. 91 Park City. Cool new black helmet too. Onza bar ends in the next three photos.

 photo ned_parkcitywc_91_zps05d7cac9.jpg

Mammoth. With rigid fork.

 photo ned_mammothwc_91_zps7c049433.jpg


 photo Mammoth-Grundig12_zps2e96ce66.jpg

Interesting photo from an unknown World Cup. Rigid fork.

 photo 91_wc_zps0acdac85.jpg

Late in the year. Note Juli with the leaders jersey. Ned would have had the choice of WC or Leaders. Juli would have had same choice but went with Leaders over World Champ?

 photo ned91_2_zpsb6edac56.jpg

On to 1992. Specialized Cactus cup. Goodbye to rainbow jersey. Big Profile bar ends.

 photo cactuscup92_zps8a03a078.jpg

Big Bear? start line with new World Champ Tomac. Gets a tenson disc. Now with Shimano SPDs and Sidi shoes. Newer Specialized Future Shock with rough Mag 21 crown. Short Profile bar ends.

 photo ned_92_2_zpsec3766bf.jpg

Mount Snow World Cup. Still has the future shock with Mag crown. Silver front canti hanger. Long Profile Bar Ends. Zoom stem

 photo ned_mtsnowwc_92_zpsde732bc4.jpg

Crested Butte Fat Tire Bike Week race. Wildflowers tells me this is June. Big profile bar ends.

 photo ned_crestedbutte92_zpse7fb94f2.jpg

Another NORBA. #1 plate. Future shock. Silver front canti hanger. Specialized shoes. Long Profile bar ends.

 photo ned92_1_zpsdf3e8e12.jpg

Western NORBA. #1 plate

 photo DSC00457_zps0ce7fc83.jpg

Another NORBA. Specialized shows. Long Profile bar ends. Future shock now has the "FS" decal but same fork.

 photo ned_92_zpsecfa19ee.jpg

Mammoth World Cup. Some changes to the bike. Notably the "new" Specialized future shock (grey vs. silver). Silver XC Pro brakes and levers. Non-neon Profile bar ends. Black headset cups top and bottom.

With Tomac. Awesome photo.

 photo ned_tomac_zps6e6a8aeb.jpg

 photo NOverendAUTOG_zps62cdebc2.jpg

Vail World Cup. Back with neon profile bar ends. But similar bike to the Mammoth one. White helmet this time.

 photo ned_worldcup_92_zpsf3d1f226.jpg

NORBA Finals at Purgtory, Durango. Same as his world cup bike

 photo ned_finals_purg1_zps558f4386.jpg

Same race:

 photo ned_92_purg_finals_zpsc05d28d9.jpg

With National champ jersey on. Doesn't look like a team bike.

 photo DSCF1045_zps465c3d95.jpg

I'm calling this caption bogus. Control Tech stem and bar ends don't add up. Lack of a tension disc.

 photo ned_m2team_zps2f273eb5.jpg

MBA Test. Would be an earlier year bike with black Suntour stuff.

 photo 8a3d2dc3-1cd1-4a04-84f0-03ec6941130b_zpsb8777f9e.jpg

Bike at MBS. Tension disc removed. Overend edition bar ends added.

 photo DSCN1220.jpg

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  1. Amazing how long he held on to using clips and straps. Looks like always a GC/S up front too.